Ice Shield Service

Why you need Ice Shields on your roof

Prevent Ice dams with an ice shieldIs ice forming on the edge of your roof? Though you may not realize this, ice is creating a dam that backs up water, causing leaks and damage to your roof, walls, and ceilings. Ice and water shields are set in place to prevent that ice and water build up, protecting your home from the rigors of the winter.

If you’re looking for roof ice shields in Burbank, IL, then look no further. M W Roofing & Aluminum has been providing roof ice shield service to the local community for nearly 30 years. Not only do our specialists have the wisdom and experience of over hundreds of jobs, but they also have an established respect for your home and a dedication to honest service. When you’re in need of someone to help you with roof ice shields call us or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.

When our certified professionals install new ice shields on your roof, they create a tailor made strip of waterproof adhesive shielding material to conform to your home’s roof. They then proficiently install the new ice shield on the roof, making sure not to damage any parts of your roof or home. Your new ice shield will be one more weapon you have to defend your home against the elements.

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